The New Zealand Teachers Council of Aotearoa has changed the NZ Teaching Standards to reflect the new vaccination mandate by the Government.

A new standard has been included under the heading Professional Responsibilities and stipulates that teachers must have the vaccine in order to teach in New Zealand Schools. This is the first major addition to the Standards since they were introduced in 2018.

The move was needed following last weeks decision by the government mandated that all New Zealand teachers must be vaccinated by the 1st January 2022.

Lesley Hoskin said the new Standard reflected the new rules from the government and she was excited about the move and the agility her department has shown.
“This move shows that the Teaching Council is on the cutting edge of education in New Zealand and is willing to move quickly on the major issues,” Hoskin said.

It was also revealed by Hoskin that the change to the Standards necessitated an increase in the cost of teacher’s certificate fees. The new cost would be set at 3 annual payments of $156, as opposed to the $220 teachers currently pay every three years.

When questioned on the fee increase his Hoskin said that the fee increase was due to the increased workload on her staff had to endure developing the new standard and the ongoing workload this would also create. She also highlighted the increase stationary costs her department would have to incur as moving to seven Standards doesn’t fit on one page so every time we print them out now we have to use two sheets of high quality 80gms carbon neutral paper.
She also indicated – with the slightest of smirks – she was confident that the High Court would not be able to overrule this particular fee increase.

Thanks for reading. Please understand that this article is satire. I am full vaccinated and encourage everyone to do so for their family, loved ones, work colleagues and themselves.
The more people we vaccinate the better.