A key part of my classroom programme is developing student agency.

This starts with students taking ownership of their learning through the setting of regular goals and learning reflections.

This occurs at the start of ever week and currently students must write 2 goals for the week. I have left the exact focus for the goals open at the moment. However, it is pleasing to see the number of students writing goals around their classroom learning.
I am a big fan of developing this slowly over the year. In week 4 of Term 1, students started recording goals online and I also said that their goals must be written as full sentences with a clear timeframe. As we go through the year I will spend time developing the writing of the goals.

Along with their goals, students must also reflect each week on how they have gone. The first part of this is a quick review of their weekly goals. I ask them to answer two questions. How successful was I? and then Why was this the case?
Finally, I ask the students to complete a more detailed reflection at the end of each 3 week block. This is a chance to do a wider reflection on their learning and also their class attitudes.