Over the years I have spent a lot of time setting up class contracts, treaties etc.

Starting last year I changed this system and now develop a Class Statement based around learning.

I spent around two lessons developing our 2021 statement. I basically asked two questions over that time and we brainstormed options.
What does a good learning look like?
This raises lots of points – is ‘good learning’ about being quiet, getting your work done or working in groups?
What are the characteristics of an Aquinas student?
This time our discussion was around the values and environment we want to have in our class.

One part I challenged the class on was their reluctance to share their work with each other. I often ask students to read their work aloud. This year such a request has not bought forward lots of willing participants. Therefore, it was great to see them come up with a statement about us

This year my class was fantastic at coming up with ideas. They did have a blueprint from the previous year, but I am really happy with the outcome. We will revisit this at the start of each term and so by the end of the year it will look totally different.