First week back for Term 3 2020 and it was as you would expect. three days of excitement and some rusty behaviour from the students, however, by the end of the week we had settled back down to our normal systems and rhythm.

This week we had Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences. This is a day when we have a 15min conference with our students leading their reflection on their learning. It is always a great day hearing students articulating their learning. I have no idea why schools continue with 5miniute speed dating interviews – but this is not the time to really share my thoughts.

I wanted to start this week off by revisiting the ‘WHY’ in our class. I am glad I did. This year has been like no other and for my students I have initiated a lot of change. This means we are a totally different class to the one that arrived on the 29th Jan 2020.
One of the striking things I noticed about redoing our Learning Statement in Term 3 was how easy it was. In Term 1, I am driving the conversation and putting things infront of the students. We brainstorm ideas and take our time looking at things. It often takes about 3 or 4 days.
This time, because we had been discussing and changing our class together, it took 40mins and the result is a much closer fit to what learning is like in our class.

For reference here was the one we did at the start of the year.