Like most teachers over the last few weeks I have had to complete a crash course in remote learning. Upon reflection I think I have had more misses than hits. However, I am learning and getting better slowly.

The key tool that I am using with my class is Microsoft Teams.

Our faculty has decided to run daily meetings for all our students (235 + 8 teachers). We teacher Year 7 and 8 students who range in age from 11-13. We think that the daily contact is important for them. Our video meetings have proved popular with around 140 students on at once.

However, there have been a few mistakes and things have gone wrong. This has resulted in a lot of reading articles to solve problems, watching YouTube tutorials and just randomly hitting buttons hoping I am doing things correctly.

Below is a video highlighting a few tips I have found within Teams. This content is just a general overview to the system and I have rushed through the content. If you have any questions then please ask for any clarification.

Following this video I plan do others on running your meeting effectively and using assignments.