Just starting to reflect on my learning from the 2019 NZ MIEE Hui in Auckland.

Firstly, it was a fantastic opportunity to spend the weekend with some rather inspiring educators from New Zealand and around the world. For me I am always amazed at the wide variety of teachers, senior leaders and principals that are art of the MIEE programme. The strength of the programme lies in the diversity in attitudes, learning areas and expertise. It means if you every have a question about education someone somewhere will be willing to help you.

So onto my learnings…..

Sonja Delefosse – Importance of a personal philosophy – A personal philosophy of education is important. It gives you something you can always come back to when things get difficult. Questions to ask….What is the mark that you want to leave? What is your Why?
Check out We.org – www.we.org – for a cool resource for service based education

Chris Dillion – Digital Technologies – It is coming by 2020 so get your head around it and get planning on what it will look like in your school. Remember it is not about the tool/device but the pedagogy behind it.

Pip Cleaves – STEM – An inspiring look at real life STEM projects being completed in Australia. Her aim is to have 80% of projects staying in the school or local community. “Student work should leave a legacy”
Pip shared some great tools and units to help with the planning of real life projects.

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Becky Keene – Empowering student voice with XR – Looked at every kind of reality you could think of – augmented, virtual, mixed etc.
Tools to look at – Flipgrid / Merge Cube / Sensavis / Lifeliqe / Hololens  
For me the take away was Lifeliqe and Flipgrid. There is heaps to with these tools and really like the video maker within FlipGrid as it is a great way to make videos.

Becky Keene – Wakelet – To be honest I only went to this one because it meant I didn’t have to move rooms. But boy was I glad that I stayed. Wakelet is a cool tool to curate everything that you might need – webpages – tweets – images – pdf etc. So many applications that could be used for teaching – teacher lists, student collaboration, content curation.

Becky Keene – Building Inclusive Learning Experiences – How many of the learning task in our classrooms exclude students?
Check out Hit Refresh as a go to book.
As a website designer and teacher this session was a challenge to me. There are so many good tools out there to help students access and present learning. It is my job as an educator to offer these to students.
This session sparked me into action and I am already working on an immersive reader to build into Kiwi Kids News to help students.

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Trent Ray – Technology in Education – Lets start with an easy question – If a visitor went to you class what might we see students doing with their technology? The data shows that over 50% is being used for wordprocessing and basic internet searching. We need to move from consumption to creation.

How do we move from consumption to creation? We do this by up-skilling teachers – they are in the drivers seat.  

7. Kelsie Laing and Adele Warburton  – Minecraft – I have used Minecraft once or twice. It is an amazing learning tool and these teachers in Methvan are taking it to a new level. Minecraft in Maths, Literacy, Social Studies.. infact every subject.
Some really cool ideas on how to use it in the learning process. I loved the idea of an empathy unit where students had to read scenarios and then create items that characters could use in their Minecraft worlds.

So that is me. Cant wait for 2020.