A lot has been written over the last few months about the teaching profession. With pay negotiations currently unresolved there is a lot of discussion around the teaching profession in New Zealand.

While some of what has been in the media is true, the overall conversation has overshadowed the good parts about the teaching profession. Reading the paper or social media who would want to be a teacher? Are there any teachers that actually like their job?

I have been a teacher for around 17 years, teaching in New Zealand and overseas. Most of my experience has been at the Year 7/8 level. Education is a great sector to work in and teaching is a fantastic career. Below is a list of things I love about being a teacher.

  1. I work with amazing students.
    I love working with Year 8 students. Cool kids at a great age. From my experience everyone one of them has amazing talents and wants to do their best.
  2. My hours are flexible.
    I have 2 or 3 days a week where meetings go through to 4:30pm. The rest of the time I have the ability to leave my work at 3:30pm if needed. Some days I choose to do this, while other days I work later. I probably do 4 or 5 hours of work each weekend. The point is that I do get a choice about when I complete my work. For parents with young families this is a major benefit.
  3. I work with some cool colleagues.
    Most people in the teaching profession are great people.
  4. There is more to teaching than just being a classroom teacher.
    Education qualifications open the door to heaps of other areas. Educational consultants, outside providers and policy makers. There are plenty of pathways that ‘teachers’ can take within the profession.
  5. I can go for a run at lunchtime.
    Cant do this every day but 2 or 3 days a week I can get out for a ‘lunchtime quickie’.
  6. I get amazing holidays.
    Who could complain with 10-12 weeks of holidays a year? Over Christmas I get at the very least 4 solid weeks of quality break time.
  7. The education sector is changing and it is exciting.
    I don’t know about many other professions but it is exciting being in education at the moment. The integration of ICT and the change in learner and teacher agency is exciting.
  8. My job is different each day
    The teaching job is so varied – Athletics Days, Sports Days, School Productions, Service Days, Camps, Music Productions and school trips. All of these things add to a diverse profession.
    Like the outdoors (or wearing shorts every day)..teach Outdoor Education or PE.
    Have a passion for creating things then technology could be your gig.
    Enjoy computers then become a ICT teacher and play with micro:bits and spheros all day.